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Far from complete, below is a small collection of my current favorite PurpleSites on the net:

TED: Ideas worth spreading.


Arcade Fire + Google = Insane music video browser thing.

How big really?  BBC Dimensions.

Emotions on the internet.  WeFeelFine.

Banksy Gallery.

The Cool Hunter Gallery.

Seth’s Blog.

John Grubers Daring Fireball.

Tom Fishburnes Marketoonist.

Brand Tags.



Google Trends.


The Khan Academy.


Horace Dediu:  Asymco.


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The tension of ‘glocalization’.

Tom Fishburne:

Years ago, I interviewed with Apple and got in an argument with a director about the importance of taking local market needs into account (they love argumentative stress interviews at Apple).  He said that local customization was a cop-out and a sign of failure.  He argued that a consumer insight should be universal if you distill it far enough.  If your consumer insight isn’t universal, it’s not a good enough consumer insight.  In other words, being “hopelessly local” is lazy.

For those who have been there, this resonates.

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