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Vintage Jobs.

Steve Jobs and his team building their startup NeXT, captured on PBS.  Brilliant.

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Think different.

The best of the Apple “Think Different” campaign.  Not just advertising, rather a corporate statement of belief in itself and its culture.  Years on, it is still this culture that inspires the wonderful products we see today.

For fun and interests sake, I’ve added their most recent campaign “Our Signature” (2013):


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Below, a running list of ‘simply amazing stuff’:  fantastic companies and brands that deliver on some really big ideas:

Apple. For some of the words most imaginative products, a magical ecosystem of applications and making it all work together so easily. Thanks for ‘iEverything’.

Nike+.   For tracking, networking and reporting our workouts, and then using it to help people change their lives. Thanks for making a guy like me actually LOVE running!

Nespresso. For enabling the creation of a perfect cup of coffee at home, easily, and for building a new ritual experience and loyalty around a commodity.

Google. For putting ‘improving humanity through technology’ at the heart of your vision. We believe in your larger purpose, even if Wall Street thinks it’s a fragmented business strategy. Oh, and I love using all your stuff!

Steve Jobs. For showing us all what great vision and an uncompromising attention to detail can create, and how a few great people can use this to actually change the world.

Dominos Pizza. For such a simple consumer ordering interface, making it possible to order delivery with the press of a single button. (and for showing the marketing world that sometimes big ideas can be as simple as making your customers lives simpler.)

Addison Lee. For creating a platform where I can order a taxi with a button: putting dispatch, tracking and payment online. Clever, simple, useful.

James Cameron. For bringing your incredible imagination to film, and transforming the art as you do.

Ella’s Organics. For showing marketers what you can sell when you know todays moms, dads and kids better than everyone else. Great products.

Axe. For taking the most obvious human insight about young men, and then crafting great (and hilarious) executions on it, including the creation of an entire product category.

5’s. For showing us something new and exciting in chewing gum – an otherwise boring product category.

Jimmi Choo. For making a straight guy stop dead in his tracks to look at ‘theater for the feet’.

Virgin + Virgin Galactic. For having the vision to go places that others will not, and for having the balls to make it happen.

Juplier. For getting you the exact same beer, every time, no matter where it is poured or by whom.  Incredible.

Trojan. For making safer sex fun, and less taboo.

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What we could all learn from Pixar.

From Peter Simms: ‘What Google Could Learn From Pixar’,

Outsiders are routinely surprised by Pixar’s cultural honesty and willingness to be challenged. When Stanford professors Robert Sutton and Hayagreeva “Huggy” Rao interviewed Pixar director Brad Bird with Allen Webb, Bird recounted being recruited to Pixar:

“Steve Jobs, Ed Catmull, and John Lasseter said, in effect, ‘The only thing we’re afraid of is complacency, feeling like we have it all figured out. We want you to come shake things up. We will give you a good argument if we think what you’re doing doesn’t make sense, but if you can convince us, we’ll do things a different way.’ For a company that has had nothing but success to invite a guy who had just come off a failure and say, ‘Go ahead, mess with our heads, shake it up.’ When do you run into that?”

Too many times I have been sitting in front of a room full of managers that believe they have it all figured out.  Rare are those that are willing to really open up to convincing, and rarer still those that welcome and encourage it.  Welcoming change, especially when things are going well, is one of the only ways an organization can stay on the LEADING edge.

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Steve Jobs: advice to inspire.

Connect the dots.  Find what you love.  Your time is limited, don’t waste it.

A must watch for the young and aspiring (even if in spirit). Jobs 2005 commencement address at Stanford University.

Update:  Given the topics of his address, I thought it was appropriate to link to the eulogy his sister published in the Times after his death.

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