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Man up.

Seth Godin on ‘Whining’:

Two problems with whining.  The first is that it doesn’t work. You can whine about the government or your friends or your job or your family, but nothing will happen except that you’ll waste time.

Worse… far worse… is that whining is a reverse placebo. When you get good at whining, you start noticing evidence that makes your whining more true. So you amplify that and immerse yourself in it, thus creating more evidence, more stuff worth complaining about.

So true.  There is such an obvious correlation with the people who think positively and their ability to deliver positive results.  The negative always end up caught in this downward spiral.

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Stop worrying about what others think.

Seth Godin:

Experienced marketers and artists and those that make change understand that the new is not for everyone. In fact, it’s not even for most people. Pass them by. They can catch up later.

Everybody has an opinion, and most often one to explain why bold new ideas won’t work. They reference what they know and have seen, and therefore support things that are low risk, familiar and ordinary. To really change things or create new ideas, most times you have to drive out on your own. Don’t look back.

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