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Human population growth.

For those that question if we are having any negative impacts on this planet.


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100 Years in 10 Minutes.


Sit back, and watch history.

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I Am Canadian.


Canadians are awesome.

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Stars seen from the Space Station.

Truly breathtaking.


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Every 60 seconds on the internet.

Humans + internet in 2011.  Wow.

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The amazing money chart.

The Money Chart

For a detailed graphic you can explore, see: The Money Chart.

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Think different.

The best of the Apple “Think Different” campaign.  Not just advertising, rather a corporate statement of belief in itself and its culture.  Years on, it is still this culture that inspires the wonderful products we see today.

For fun and interests sake, I’ve added their most recent campaign “Our Signature” (2013):


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Far from complete, below is a small collection of my current favorite PurpleSites on the net:

TED: Ideas worth spreading.


Arcade Fire + Google = Insane music video browser thing.

How big really?  BBC Dimensions.

Emotions on the internet.  WeFeelFine.

Banksy Gallery.

The Cool Hunter Gallery.

Seth’s Blog.

John Grubers Daring Fireball.

Tom Fishburnes Marketoonist.

Brand Tags.



Google Trends.


The Khan Academy.


Horace Dediu:  Asymco.


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My life with computers.

Thank you Flowtown for this reflection of my life with computers.  Great.

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Virgin Galactic.

What a huge deal.

You have to admire the imagination to have a vision like this and the dedication it takes to get there.  What a great achievement.

Update: Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Makes First Glide Flight | Autopia |

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The creative internet.

I just spent an entire morning exploring this interactive document prepared by Creative Labs @ Google.  An outstanding overview of digital creativity in 2010 out there across the internet.  Wonderfully entertaining, inspiring and enlightening.

The Creative Internet.

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Below, a running list of ‘simply amazing stuff’:  fantastic companies and brands that deliver on some really big ideas:

Apple. For some of the words most imaginative products, a magical ecosystem of applications and making it all work together so easily. Thanks for ‘iEverything’.

Nike+.   For tracking, networking and reporting our workouts, and then using it to help people change their lives. Thanks for making a guy like me actually LOVE running!

Nespresso. For enabling the creation of a perfect cup of coffee at home, easily, and for building a new ritual experience and loyalty around a commodity.

Google. For putting ‘improving humanity through technology’ at the heart of your vision. We believe in your larger purpose, even if Wall Street thinks it’s a fragmented business strategy. Oh, and I love using all your stuff!

Steve Jobs. For showing us all what great vision and an uncompromising attention to detail can create, and how a few great people can use this to actually change the world.

Dominos Pizza. For such a simple consumer ordering interface, making it possible to order delivery with the press of a single button. (and for showing the marketing world that sometimes big ideas can be as simple as making your customers lives simpler.)

Addison Lee. For creating a platform where I can order a taxi with a button: putting dispatch, tracking and payment online. Clever, simple, useful.

James Cameron. For bringing your incredible imagination to film, and transforming the art as you do.

Ella’s Organics. For showing marketers what you can sell when you know todays moms, dads and kids better than everyone else. Great products.

Axe. For taking the most obvious human insight about young men, and then crafting great (and hilarious) executions on it, including the creation of an entire product category.

5’s. For showing us something new and exciting in chewing gum – an otherwise boring product category.

Jimmi Choo. For making a straight guy stop dead in his tracks to look at ‘theater for the feet’.

Virgin + Virgin Galactic. For having the vision to go places that others will not, and for having the balls to make it happen.

Juplier. For getting you the exact same beer, every time, no matter where it is poured or by whom.  Incredible.

Trojan. For making safer sex fun, and less taboo.

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My favorite urban art and artist. Take your time and browse the gallery:


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The greatest remix I have ever seen.

‘Stand By Me’ performed and delivered by street performers all over the world, and then mixed into a memorable rendition.

Very human, and absolutely wonderful.


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Apple: Where is the competition?

Here is something that I am fixated on these days:  In one of the most competitive and fast moving industries in the world, where most products are built from rapidly evolving and readily available commodity components, Apple is winning big.  Really, really BIG.

The iPod Touch, The iPhone 4, The iPad.  There is nothing out there yet that can ‘touch’ them.  Even if sometime soon there were products that match the base product specs and design quality of these devices, they would still need to overcome the perfectly married software and surrounding iOS, iTunes, App and MobileMe ecosystems.  The lead Apple has created for itself here is truly incredible when you think about it.

The product here is king.

Say what you will about the Apple advertising, but this story is rooted in the actual product itself – a convergence of technology, software and design – that years on is yet to be matched.  It’s so good in fact, that even the competition dropping its prices on their hardware has gained them very little against it.

Then consider that they are doing this while competing across the operating system, PC, smartphone, music player, tablets, gaming and lifestyle software segments (and dabbling in TV, advertising, clouds, e-retail, retail, books and social media).  Companies whose entire business is built and focused on a single one cannot put out a device to rival.  What is going on at RIM, Nokia, Palm, Microsoft?  They are all focused on this single entity in the iPhone and are releasing products that fail to match even Apple’s old technology.

I am trying to think about when there will be equally good products, or possibly superior products to compete vs. the current product line.  The Android platform is getting there, but that is perhaps the only thing easy to spot on the horizon, and it competes with only a small piece of the overall Apple product architecture (iOS).  We could still be years away from seeing these iProducts exceeded.

In this context, product leadership of this kind is to be respected.


Update:  See great Asymco recap explaining some of the ‘why’.  Describes it as, ‘Apple sells a value chain – not a product’

Update:  RIM takes a bath with a $480M write down on Playbook inventory.

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