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100 Years in 10 Minutes.


Sit back, and watch history.

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I Am Canadian.


Canadians are awesome.

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Mix Master Mike.

Scratching that itch.


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Everything is a remix.

Kirby Ferguson makes the case that works are rarely ever truly original.  Rather, are creations born from mixing things that are not original – to create something new.

Whether its art, language or even genetics – in life everything really is a remix.  There is something primal to this.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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The internet of things.

IBM explains how different the world will be soon with the ‘internet of things’.  A world of infinite possibilities.

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The known universe.

A wonderful animation exploring the known universe in 5 minutes.  Great moment to reflect on our significance in the scheme of things.

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If Microsoft designed the iPod.

Stick to the point in communication.

When briefing any piece of good communication, it is critical that you understand exactly what you need to say to sell your product to consumers – and then prioritize these points.  Make sure you never compromise the critical with the less important.

Apple are the masters at this as far as I am concerned.  I regularly use the following video in workshops with young marketeers when trying to demonstrate the point on the importance of simplicity, priority in messaging and NOT trying to do everything with everything.

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Think different.

The best of the Apple “Think Different” campaign.  Not just advertising, rather a corporate statement of belief in itself and its culture.  Years on, it is still this culture that inspires the wonderful products we see today.

For fun and interests sake, I’ve added their most recent campaign “Our Signature” (2013):


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The Pale Blue Dot.

Carl Sagan on humanity and our place in the universe.  Absolutely spellbinding.

Michael Marantz produces a wonderful adaptation.

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Far from complete, below is a small collection of my current favorite PurpleSites on the net:

TED: Ideas worth spreading.


Arcade Fire + Google = Insane music video browser thing.

How big really?  BBC Dimensions.

Emotions on the internet.  WeFeelFine.

Banksy Gallery.

The Cool Hunter Gallery.

Seth’s Blog.

John Grubers Daring Fireball.

Tom Fishburnes Marketoonist.

Brand Tags.



Google Trends.


The Khan Academy.


Horace Dediu:  Asymco.


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The creative internet.

I just spent an entire morning exploring this interactive document prepared by Creative Labs @ Google.  An outstanding overview of digital creativity in 2010 out there across the internet.  Wonderfully entertaining, inspiring and enlightening.

The Creative Internet.

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The greatest remix I have ever seen.

‘Stand By Me’ performed and delivered by street performers all over the world, and then mixed into a memorable rendition.

Very human, and absolutely wonderful.


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