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is dedicated to remarkable stuff, from a marketers point of view.

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I am a global brand marketer that has a passion for discovery, invention, and for those that dare to think big and challenge established conventions.

It’s a great time to be in marketing.   Consumers are at the cusp of a radically different and exciting new world, and I want to talk about it. There is opportunity in change, and this is big change.  Its my firm view that every company will be impacted by this shift – some directly, some indirectly, some sooner, some later.

PurpleThink. was conceived during my long commute into central London.  It was an obvious output following the crossing of a few ideas on being a better manager and better parent:

  • I have a passion for marketing and developing young marketing talent. I find we are spending too much time with outdated methods, models, ideas, learning materials and coaches in this new consumer reality.  We can’t only look back.  I want to reference a bit of the ‘now’ and inspire some looking forward.
  • I work with companies that are finding it very difficult to work with and inspire big think.  At least half the battle has nothing to do with ‘marketing’ per se.  It’s organizational:  too much process, ‘over-intellectualizing’ and retrofitting of ideas. Too many opinions. Too many reasons not to do things.  I want to study these organizational issues across businesses with an end to helping both myself and my teams drive bigger change within them.
  • As a marketer and a parent, I would like to think that my discipline has something to offer my children beyond the commercial benefits of knowing how to sell stuff.  Marketing, at its core, is about deep human understanding crossed with imagination and an ability to make things happen.  I thought that if I could capture some of this thinking and examples of how it works, it may help them develop a better appreciation for the world and people around them, and promote the great importance of having a productive imagination.
  • Finally, I wanted a record of this thinking to reflect on as I myself continue to develop, with the hope that it make me much, much better at what I do.

PurpleThink. was a place to put all of this.  I hope in sharing it others may find some value as well.

Brian Stevenson

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